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Hosted public API documentation for every OAS (Swagger) and RAML spec out there. Powered by Stoplight.

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What is Stoplight?

Stoplight is a free platform that hosts API documentation and includes a built-in API design tool to simplify editing OpenAPI spec files. You can create your own workspace and start hosting API documentation today by clicking here.

Check out some examples


Dyte provides developer friendly live video SDKs that allows you to easily add 1:1 calls, group calls right within your platform.

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Spotify utilizes Elements for their “Get Artist” documentation on their Spotify for Developers site.

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Authmoji uses Stoplight for their ‘create an account’ documentation.

How much does API Docs cost?

Stoplight is a free to use platform for public API documentation. You can setup a workspace and automatically generate OpenAPI documentation in minutes. If you want to host API documentation yourself, you can utilize our open source tool Elements.

Which specification formats are supported?

OAS 3.1/3/2 - for the rest please use a transformer.

Can I use my own custom domain?

This is a preview for Stoplight's open source tool Elements. However, you can create a Stoplight workspace here and configure your workspace to use a custom domain.

Can I edit my docs?

Not directly on since this is just an API docs preview. However, you can edit OpenAPI files directly from the Stoplight platform when you create a workspace.

Who is behind API Docs?

The folks over at Stoplight. We're creating tools to help you and your team design, build, and document better APIs, faster.

What if I want to use Markdown?

You can host markdown files from the Stoplight platform alongside OpenAPI documentation when you create a workspace. You can learn more from Stoplight Platform's product documentation.

I have more questions!

Please visit on Discord to start a conversation and ask your question there!

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